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Set #2: Participation I Syrus Marcus Ware: "Whose Museums Anyways? Working with Youth, Artists and Activists to radicalize museum settings" © SMB / Ute Klein, 2017 
Set #2: Participüation I Dr. Çiçek Bacik, Daniela Bystron and Jenny Dirksen: "Für wen und mit wem? Revisiting Collections." © SMB / Nina Hansch, 2017 
© SMB / Ute Klein, 2018 
Set #3: Dissent I Pascal Ulrich and Eeske Hahn: "Fighting with Teachers: When Art Meets Pedagogy" © SMB / Juliane Eirich, 2018 
Set #4: Visions I Léontine Meijer-van Mensch: "Kuratieren neu erfinden" © SMB / Ute Klein, 2018 
© SMB / Ute Klein, 2018 
Set #5: Dialogue I Marion Koch: Workshop "Interreligiöser Dialog" © SMB / Juliane Eirich, 2019 

Discourse Programme

Between 2016 and 2021, lab.Bode’s discourse programme regularly invited the public to evening events and workshops, which negotiated and discussed current issues in the practice of museum education as well as research-based methods and perspectives.

How should one design spaces for museum education? What participatory approaches are used in art museums? What is the role of art education in changing society? What existing museum concepts entail future-oriented strategies for a stronger collaboration between the various responsibilities of a museum? Can a museum serve as a space for social discourse? What would a (radically) democratic institution look like? And how can museums and the local public work together?

We explored these and many other questions in eight series of events, each comprised of lectures and workshops. The topics of the discussion series were: spaces, participation, dissent, vision, dialogue, collaboration, outreach and diversity.

The ninth series of events, entitled “What Remains?”, was dedicated to examining what experiences and insights from a temporary project can be transferred into the present. The lab.Bode grand finale included the digital symposium “” and lab.Bode’s final „Set“ evening, “Art Education in Digital Games”.

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