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lab.Bode residents

Every school year lab.Bode invited experts from different disciplines to interrogate the collections of the Bode-Museum from different perspectives. Artists, researchers, and practitioners were commissioned with finding new topics and questions, which were then added to the catalogue of potential topics and contributed new perspectives to this pool. To conclude their residencies, participants formulated a commentary, which they left behind in the museum. Whether an intervention that was visible in the museum, a text, or an artistic format, these served as starting points for the development of new school projects.

A. Transdisciplinary Perspectives Based on a School Curriculum

This perspective aimed to investigate the collections of the Bode-Museum based on a school curriculum and from the standpoint of different disciplines. A central question was how lab.Bode could integrate questions and learning content from other subjects into the programme and also the development of topics and projects. We began with math. The selected stakeholder, Jana Göpper, was doing her doctoral work in the field of elementary school pedagogy/the didactics of mathematics on the topic of math and improvisation. Having studied the teaching of music, she also possesses qualifications in the field of cultural education.


lab.Bode resident: Jana Göpper, mathematician, grade-school pedagogue

Jana Göpper is an elementary school pedagogue who studied music teaching at the University of the Arts Berlin. She is a doctoral research assistant (Professor Eva Jablonka) at Freie Universität Berlin in the Department of Education/Psychology, Division of Primary Education/Mathematics and Society. Her doctoral thesis is dedicated to the topic of “Mathematics and Improvisation.”

Dates: May 14–18, 2018


B. Young, Critical Views of the “Institution”

lab.Bode aims to foster critical perspectives on the institution of the museum, with an emphasis on (post-)migrant viewpoints. The chosen stakeholder, Azadeh Sharifi, is someone who has not primarily been active in the “museum” realm but has studied theatre in depth. The particular focus of her work has been on post-migrant theatre and the theatre of migration. Through this view of the museum “from the outside” we hope to gain new, critical, previously unconsidered insights that could give an impetus for new projects.


lab.Bode resident: Azadeh SharifiPhD in Cultural and Theatre Studies

The focus of her work includes post-migrant theatre, the theatre of migration, and post-colonialism. She worked on the research project “The Role of Independent Theatre in Contemporary European Theatre: Structural and Aesthetic Changes” headed by Professor Manfred Brauneck and the German Centre of the International Theatre Institute (ITI). From 2014 to 2015, she was a fellow at the International Research Centre “Interweaving Performance Cultures” at the Freie Universität Berlin. Her dissertation “Theatre for Everyone? The Participation of Post-migrants according to the Example of Theatres of the City of Cologne” was published in 2011. Additional writings have been published in:  Brauneck, Manfred, Die Rolle der Freien Theater im europäischen Theater der Gegenwart: strukturelle und ästhetische Veränderungen (late 2015); Pultz Moslund, Sten / Ring Petersen, Anne / Schramm, Moritz, Migration and Culture: Politics, Aesthetics and History (2015); and Schneider, Wolfgang (ed.), Theater und Migration. Herausforderungen für Kulturpolitik und Theaterpraxis (2011). She is currently working on her postdoc on the aesthetics and narratives in (post-)migrant theatre.

Dates: September 10–14, 2018


C. Artists

This perspective was intended to offer a view of the collections of the Bode-Museum from an artistic perspective and explore topics for projects or offer additional themes to explore. The main aim was to propose viable input for projects in the fields of education and outreach, not the production of an artwork.


lab.Bode resident: Mathilde ter Heijne, Professor for Performance and Media at the University of the Arts Berlin

Mathilde ter Heijne’s artistic practice entails various points of connection to the collections of the Bode-Museum. For example, in her projects she investigates identity and sex relations in current and past societies. This emphasis can provide a good source of inspiration for our programme “Let`s talk about Sex. Gender and Forms of Sexual Diversity in Art” that can be booked by schools and other programmes. In addition, her current interests include the potential of rituals, participation, and performances. This also has parallels with the collections of the Bode-Museum. Many works, particularly those stemming from a religious context, were often originally endowed with performative dimensions associated with religious rituals.

Dates: October 1–5, 2018


D. Pupils

How can young voices be sustainably integrated in the Bode-Museum? What can the museum learn from young people? Together with pupils of the Thomas-Mann-Gymnasium, a lab.Bode partner school, this residency took up the question of long-term involvement of young perspectives in the museum.


lab.Bode residents: Eeske Hahn und Julia Rocholl

Eeske Hahn and Julia Rocholl are members of the project “Mit Ohne Alles”. As a junior production office, consisting of about 40 young people, they co-design the Ruhrtriennale and create their own artistic contributions, which are an official and equal part of the festival programme. In doing so, they successfully show the audience of the Ruhrtriennale what cultural education can do and present their project to schools and cultural institutions. Their lab.Bode residency serves as a starting point for the long-term involvement of young voices in the Bode-Museum.

Dates: December 9–13, 2019