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lab.Bode final

We’re getting the museum moving

From 25 May 2021 at Bode-Museum

The lab.Bode grand finale began on 25 May 2021! Owing to Covid-19, the four-day lab.Bode festival has been converted into a modular lab.Bode finale.

The lab.Bode finale marks the end of the five-year programme lab.Bode – Initiative to Strengthen Museum Education. Under the motto “We’re getting the museum moving“, the Bode-Museum, on Museum Island, becomes an activity space and, simultaneously, reaches out into the city’s schools. lab.Bode bikes set out from the Bode-Museum carrying reproductions of artworks, art materials and artistic inspiration to schools in Berlin. In so doing, cultural education and the museum re-enter students’ everyday lives after months of museum closure. Digital workshops enable students throughout Germany to familiarise themselves with the highlights of lab.Bode’s educational laboratory. In addition, the exhibition Lebewesen, die mal keine Menschen sind (Creatures That Are Not Human) curated by students, opens at the Bode-Museum.


On Friday, 28 May 2021, as part of our digital symposium „Set Expanded“, we reflected with partner museums and the (professional) public on how forward-looking museum education might be designed. In addition to this digital format, we’re planning three summer SET-events at Museum Island’s Kolonnaden Bar.

Further programme and registration information will be published on this website.