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Discourse Programme

Online Symposium

Set Expanded: We’re getting the museum moving

Fr / 28 May 2021 / 10 am – 5 pm


The focus of this symposium is the social relevance of museums and the necessity of educational work within the museum. Theory and practice will be intertwined. In short sessions, partner museums will be invited to speak and offer ideas for opening up museums to society, show what educational spaces can look like and how a diversity-oriented practice can be designed. Workshops will provide insights into lab.Bode’s school projects: How can alternative narratives be developed? How can we establish critical anti-discrimination education and offer options for digital education? How do we implement outreach activities?

Additionally, projects by partner museums’ trainees can be seen in a digital gallery. Members of the Youth Committee of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin will close out the session.

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The digital symposium takes place via the platform Hopin. Registered participants will receive the invitation link by e-mail one day before the event.



10.00 10.30 am
Welcome and Introduction

Julien Chapuis (Staatliche Museen zu Berlin)

Heike Kropff (Staatliche Museen zu Berlin)

Teresa Darian (Kulturstiftung des Bundes)


10.30 11.15 am
Keynote and Q&A  

Over the last two decades, the view of museums’ social function has changed. The fact that museums do not reflect society but actually help to shape and influence it is increasingly acknowledged in the international museum world. The responsibility and potential of the museum to engage in creating a more just and inclusive society will be the focus of the keynote by Richard Sandell and Suzanne MacLeod (University of Leicester).
Keynote: Richard Sandell and Suzanne MacLeod (University of Leicester); English, with simultaneous interpretation in German. 


Patricia Woltmann motivates with exercises that move us from the head into the body. Move to make a difference! 


Short break


11.30 am 12.30 pm
Parallel Sessions

Changing the museum – How does it work? In three parallel sessions, lab.Bode’s partner museums will present key projects and strategies that have contributed to opening up, strengthening and diversifying their institutions. The sessions will be recorded and available as video afterwards.



How does the museum change when it opens up to society? What happens when the museum investigates its collection in a global context? What possibilities does digital space offer for democratic participation? 
Marion Ackermann (Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden), Matthias Mühling (Lenbachhaus Munich) and Stefanie Dathe (Museum Ulm) will present their strategies and challenges.
Moderation: Tanja Schomaker (lab.Bode)



What happens when the museum offers space for workshops, collaborative projects and artistic work? What kind of space can be created when participants’ experiential knowledge and personal stories become visible? Christine van Haaren and Thomas Köhler (Berlinische Galerie, Berlin), Lena Seik and Alexandra Friedrich (Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig) and Susanne Gesser (Historisches Museum Frankfurt) will discuss the use of space and visibility in museum education.
Moderation: Henrike Plegge (Kunsthochschule Mainz)



What practices do museum staff need to develop to adequately address the diversity of society? For whom and what do we need this? What can a discrimination-critical and decolonising museum practice look like in concrete terms?
Daniela Bystron and Lisa Marei Schmidt (Brücke-Museum, Berlin) as well as Diana Schuster and Sonja Hempel (Museum Ludwig, Cologne) will present their anti-racist and discrimination-critical projects and approaches.
Moderation: Katharina Bühler (lab.Bode)


12.45 – 1.30 pm
Networking possibility


1.30 – 2 pm
Insight and Outlook lab.Bode finale


Patricia Woltmann motivates with exercises that move us from the head into the body. Move to make a difference! 


Short break


2.15 –3.15 pm
Parallel workshops (with pre-registration)

Moving museums – practical examples 

Seven parallel workshops offer insights into lab.Bode’s school projects: How can we develop alternative narratives, establish discrimination-critical educational practices and present options for digital education? How can outreach activities be implemented? Participation is limited, pre-registration required, workshops are not recorded.


Patricia Woltmann motivates with exercises that move us from the head into the body. Move to make a difference! 


Short break


3.30 – 4 pm

“We are the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin’s Youth Committee. We say hello and goodbye to you with a teaser!”


4 – 5 pm
We invite you to an informal exchange on the platform
Here, participants may join the conversation in a virtual foyer. Everyone is invited to continue the exchange. There are specific areas for former lab.Bode trainees as well as for mentors and directors of the partner museums, among others.