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Resident #2: Azadeh Sharifi

Young, Critical Views of the “Institution”

Each school year lab.Bode invited experts from different disciplines to interrogate the collections of the Bode-Museum from different perspectives. Artists, researchers, and practitioners were commissioned with finding new topics and questions, which were then added to the catalogue of potential topics and contributed new perspectives to this pool. To conclude their residencies, participants formulated a commentary, which they left behind in the museum. Whether an intervention that was visible in the museum, a text, or an artistic format, these served as starting points for the development of new school projects.


lab.Bode resident: Azadeh SharifiPhD in Cultural and Theatre Studies

The focus of her work includes post-migrant theatre, the theatre of migration, and post-colonialism. She worked on the research project “The Role of Independent Theatre in Contemporary European Theatre: Structural and Aesthetic Changes” headed by Professor Manfred Brauneck and the German Centre of the International Theatre Institute (ITI). From 2014 to 2015, she was a fellow at the International Research Centre “Interweaving Performance Cultures” at the Freie Universität Berlin. Her dissertation “Theatre for Everyone? The Participation of Post-migrants according to the Example of Theatres of the City of Cologne” was published in 2011. Additional writings have been published in:  Brauneck, Manfred, Die Rolle der Freien Theater im europäischen Theater der Gegenwart: strukturelle und ästhetische Veränderungen (late 2015); Pultz Moslund, Sten / Ring Petersen, Anne / Schramm, Moritz, Migration and Culture: Politics, Aesthetics and History (2015); and Schneider, Wolfgang (ed.), Theater und Migration. Herausforderungen für Kulturpolitik und Theaterpraxis (2011). She is currently working on her postdoc on the aesthetics and narratives in (post-)migrant theatre.

Dates: September 10–14, 2018


We apologize that the videos are only available in German.

Five days and five questions

On the first day of her residency, we asked Azadeh Sharifi five questions about her work and her stay:

Who are you?
What is your first, spontaneous reaction to the Bode-Museum?
What interests you in particular?
What do you expect from your stay?
What are you looking forward to?

5 Fragen an Azadeh Sharifi vor ihrer Residency


After her time, we asked Azadeh Sharifi to look back. In a space she deemed fitting, we asked her five questions about her residency:

How would you describe your residency in one word?
What topics did you deal with?
What surprised you?
What did you learn during the week?
What comments did the residency inspire you to make?
Why are we doing this interview in front of the Bode-Museum?


5 Fragen an Azadeh Sharifi nach ihrer Residency