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Resident #3: Mathilde ter Heijne

Every school year, lab.Bode invites experts from different disciplines to interrogate the collections of the Bode-Museum from different perspectives. Artists, researchers, and practitioners are commissioned with finding new topics and questions, which are then added to the catalogue of potential topics and contribute new perspectives to this pool. To conclude their residencies, participants formulate a commentary, which they leave behind in the museum. Whether an intervention that is visible in the museum, a text, or an artistic format, these serve as starting points for the development of new school projects.


lab.Bode residentMathilde ter Heijne, Professor for Performance and Media at the University of the Arts Berlin

Mathilde ter Heijne’s artistic practice entails various points of connection to the collections of the Bode-Museum. For example, in her projects she investigates identity and sex relations in current and past societies. This emphasis can provide a good source of inspiration for our programme “Let`s talk about Sex. Gender and Forms of Sexual Diversity in Art” that can be booked by schools and other programmes. In addition, her current interests include the potential of rituals, participation, and performances. This also has parallels with the collections of the Bode-Museum. Many works, particularly those stemming from a religious context, were often originally endowed with performative dimensions associated with religious rituals.

Dates: October 1–5, 2018


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5 Tage und 5 Fragen:
Am ersten Tag ihrer Residency stellten wir Mathilde ter Heijne im Freiraum 5 Fragen zu ihrer Arbeit und ihrem Aufenthalt:

Wer bist Du?
Was ist Deine erste, spontane Reaktion zum Bode-Museum?
Was interessiert Dich besonders?
Was erwartest Du von Deinem Aufenthalt?
Worauf freust Du Dich?

5 Fragen an Mathilde ter Heijne vor ihrer Residency