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Residents #4: Eeske Hahn and Julia Rocholl


Each school year, lab.Bode invites experts from different disciplines to discover and question the collections of the Bode-Museum from different perspectives. In December 2019, Eeske Hahn and Julia Rocholl visited the museum to collect young perspectives  together with pupils of the Thomas-Mann-Gymnasium. Together, they wanted to find questions on how young voices can be lastingly integrated into the institution and what the museum can learn from young people.


lab.Bode residents: Eeske Hahn and Julia Rocholl, participants in the project “Mit Ohne Alles”, Ruhrtriennale

Eeske Hahn and Julia Rocholl are members of the project “Mit Ohne Alles”. As a junior production office, consisting of about 40 young people, they co-design the Ruhrtriennale and create their own artistic contributions, which are an official and equal part of the festival programme. In doing so, they successfully show the audience of the Ruhrtriennale what cultural education can do and present their project to schools and cultural institutions.

Dates: December 9 – 13, 2019

We apologize that the videos are only available in German.

Five days and five questions

On the first day of their residency, we asked Eeske and Julia in the Free Space five questions about their work and their stay:

Who are you?
What are your first impressions of the Bode Museum?
What are you particularly interested in?
What do you expect from your stay?
What are you looking forward to?


5 Fragen an Eeske Hahn und Julia Rocholl vor ihrer Residency


After completing their residency (and an exciting, interactive format for and with visitors of the Bode-Museum), we invited Eeske and Julia for an interview again. Here they tell us what they experienced over the course of a week and what’s next:

How would you describe your lab.Bode residency in one word?
What topics did you deal with?
Did anything surprise you?
Were you able to learn something?
Where do you go from here?


5 Fragen an Eeske Hahn und Julia Rocholl nach ihrer Residency